Are you looking for the best snorkeling gear for kids but don’t know where to begin? After examining several snorkels, fins, masks, defogging spray, and other items, you might be tempted to just buy the first item that appears on Amazon.

Don’t do it! The most vital factor for success, however, is having the correct equipment, which involves investing in a well-fitting kids snorkel set and having access to a safe individual flotation device for kids. Continue reading to learn about the best Snorkeling kit for kids of all ages, including the elusive toddler Best snorkel mask!

The Best Snorkel Gear for kids needs to be safe, comfortable, and affordable

Sharing wonderful experiences with your children is one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting. And enjoying the wonders of Snorkeling with kids is no exception.

Choosing the best snorkel gear for kids, like finding the best snorkel gear for adults, is a bit different.

Kids aren’t always as skilled in the water as professionals and won’t be as fast to dealing with any device flaws, so the best snorkel gear for kids must rank very high in protection so that they can concentrate on having fun rather than worrying about serious equipment leaks or anything else.

The best Snorkeling equipment for children should also be comfortable. Kids are very receptive to discomfort, making it difficult to persuade them to enjoy Snorkeling if they don’t feel well.

And kids outgrow objects. Usually, fast. That is why I consider the perfect snorkel gear for kids to be reasonably priced. Otherwise, spending on new equipment for your children every few years might get tiresome.

As a result, both parent and child will enjoy the sea if we can find kids snorkel gear that is safe, comfortable, and economical. This goes beyond simple masks and snorkels. Fins, snorkel sets, flotation devices, and sun protection are also essential in ensuring that your children have a good time in the water while being safe and healthy.

In general, most children aged 13 and older should be able to fit into adult snorkel gear, but children in the preschool/kindergarten and primary school age groups typically require their own sizes of snorkel gear.

Let’s have a look at the best snorkel gear for kids (masks, snorkels, and everything else) that, in my opinion, ranks high in terms of safety, comfort, and other considerable factors.

The best snorkel mask for kids


The Cressi Piumetta mask (on Amazon) is great for kids because, unlike some of the best snorkel masks for kids, Cressi really took the effort to reconfigure all of the different elements of the mask (lens, nose protector, etc.) for kids’ faces.

Cressi’s Piumetta snorkel mask (Amazon) is great for smaller kids, and the Cressi Ondina snorkel mask (Amazon) works well for bigger kids.

That implies very few things. To begin with, everything being kid-friendly helps the mask mould to their faces considerably better, creating a stronger seal.

And the better the seal, the less likely water will enter into the mask and the less likely your child will have to fumble about with leaky equipment.

Second, the Piumetta improves children’s ability to observe their surroundings. Because children’s eyes are positioned differently than adults’, ordinary snorkel masks nearly invariably leave them partially peering into the nose piece or the frame around the mask.

However, because of the kid-friendly design, their eyes end up peering through the centre of the lens, allowing them to see considerably more around them.

The components of the mask that come into touch with your child’s face and head are similarly made of ultra soft silicone (comfortable), and the lens is made of lightweight polycarbonate that Cressi claims is indestructible (It is significant since we all know that every kid is going to lose their mask all the time.). The Cressi Piumetta (Amazon) is best suited for children aged 2 to 7.

If you have a child in the following age group, consider the Cressi Ondina (available on Amazon), which offers the same benefits but is designed for a somewhat larger face. Both are, of course, created by Cressi, a well-known and recognized maker of Snorkeling equipment, so both masks will almost definitely survive as long as they can fit your child’s face. And, thankfully, at roughly $20-25, they are fairly affordable.

The Best Snorkel for kids


The sort of snorkel you pick for your children is, in my opinion, the most important piece of safety equipment for Snorkeling with children.

Snorkels were traditionally merely an open tube that linked the air above you to your mouth. “Dry snorkels,” on the other hand, are swiftly evolving into one of the most preferred modifications to the standard snorkel. Dry snorkels function similarly to regular snorkels in that they enable you to breathe through your mouth into the air just above water.

“Dry snorkels” are way better for kids than traditional snorkels, and Cressi’s Mini (Amazon) and Youth dry snorkels (Amazon) are excellent options.

However, they also contain a one-way floating valve placed into the top of the snorkel tube that lets you keep breathing in and out, but closes when it comes in touch with too much water, keeping the water out.

This is a major increase in snorkel safety for kids (and adults, to be honest), especially if they’re new to swimming and Snorkeling.

These dry snorkels aren’t ideal, and it’s typical to catch a few dribbles of water here and there, so educate your children how to handle snorkel water. However, they are far superior to regular snorkels.

As a result, I usually suggest dry snorkels for children and most adults. They’re simply too cool to pass up.

The Piumetta mask (for children aged 2–7) seen above goes well with Cressi’s Mini Dry Snorkel (on Amazon). It’s a smaller, kid-sized dry snorkel with a pleasant mouthpiece that provides your youngster with the advantages of a dry snorkel without adding any unnecessary complexity.

Cressi’s Youth Dry-Top Snorkel (on Amazon) is the way to go for somewhat older youngsters utilising the Ondina mask mentioned above. It provides the same benefits as the Mini, but is somewhat larger to accommodate a larger youngster.

The Best Snorkel Fins for kids


The Cressi Kids Fins are fantastic (on Amazon). It’s truly built for the little men and ladies who use it, much like the rest of Cressi’s best snorkel gear for kids.

When it comes to little snorkelers, they don’t necessarily require the high-performance and high-impact materials that certain adult fins are composed of. Though some of these fin materials and forms are really successful in increasing your push in the water, they can be more difficult and cumbersome to put on, particularly for youngsters.

The Cressi Kids Fins (Amazon) are well-designed for little feet that keep growing.

Cressi instead maintains their fins lightweight and basic, which is ideal for children. All they really need at this point is a little additional surface area to boost their confidence while they learn how to navigate safe water.

Cressi also added a handful of strategically positioned holes in the fin on its own to reduce resistance when in use. This is a wise decision, in my opinion, because little children can rapidly weary if their legs are overworked while swimming.

Finally, these Cressi Kids Fins (Amazon) employ an adjustable strap (rather than a moulded rubber foot pocket) to hold the foot in each fin, providing you a lot of size modification and preventing you from having to buy a new pair every few months as your child’s feet grow like crazy.

The Cressi Kids Fins are rather comfortable as far as fins go, but little feet can be sensitive, so it’s a good idea to get a pair of Fun Toes Neoprene Snorkel Socks if your child needs a little additional cushioning when using these fins (on Amazon). They’ll protect against anything being too tight, potential blisters, and so on, and they’ll also perform well on the beach to protect against scorching sand or wading in the sea to reduce difficulties if you walk on old coral or pointed rocks by mistake.

The Best Snorkel Set for kids (mask + snorkel + fins)


So, which snorkel and mask should you buy? The best snorkel mask for kids will be determined by their age as well as any other features you may require. When purchasing a set, consider the design of all included products. Do they appear to be safe, simple to use, and long-lasting?

Here is a list of the top snorkels for kids. These are high-quality sets that routinely receive good ratings and feedback from happy owners.

Mares Sea Pals Kids’ Snorkel Set

The very charming Mares Sea Pals Snorkeling kits for kids come with a mask, fins, snorkel, and even a carry bag to keep everything together. This high-quality equipment was created by a famous Italian diving company to provide maximum performance and safety while also appealing to youngsters.

The supplied dry snorkel mask for youngsters offers a comfortable mouthpiece for moving about in the water. This junior set is a wonderful all-arounder because to its built-in top splash protection, simple exhale system, adjustable open-backed fins, and quick release strap. When employing this set, several parents with children as young as three have experienced a good Snorkeling experience.

Cressi Rocks Junior Kids’ Snorkeling Set

Cressi is another Italian brand, and this Cressi kids’ snorkel gear has completely adjustable straps for the best fit. The equipment includes a snorkel, mask, and fins that were custom-made in Italy for children ages three to eight. It’s also vibrant, with six different colour combinations to choose from.

This Cressi snorkel set can be adjusted as your child grows, and the soft mouthpiece and splash guard will provide a comfortable Snorkeling experience. A dry snorkel prevents water entry, and there’s also a mesh bag to store and transport everything.

US Divers Snorkel Set For Kids

This US Divers outfit is also available in a variety of interesting colour options and gets high ratings for fit and comfort. Included are a high clarity mask, snorkel with splash protection, easy kick fins, and a travel bag.

The ‘pro gilde’ buckles from US Divers make it simple to change the size of the mask and fins, while the dry snorkel prevents water leakage. The variety of colours should guaranteed that this high-quality set will appeal to anybody looking for a boy’s or girl’s snorkel. 

Seavenger Voyager Kids’ Snorkeling Set

This Snorkeling gear comes with a carrying case and a number of benefits. The dry snorkel prevents water leaking, and the one-way valve allows for comfortable breathing. A tempered glass lens gives a clear perspective, and the multi-use fins accommodate any kicking style. This Seavenger set, weighing only three pounds, is ideal for families travelling with children.

Aisrida Kids’ Snorkeling Set

An Aisrida kids’ snorkel kit with a mask, fins, snorkel, and carrying bag is our top selection. The anti-fog one-piece curved glass lens provides a crystal clear picture of aquatic life (Check complete guide about Snorkeling Photo Tips). Silicone makes the mast more pleasant to wear and prevents leaks. The flexible snorkel tube is fully collapsible and boasts an easy breathing, floating valve design, while the adjustable fins may accommodate a broad variety of shoe sizes.

The Best Flotation for kids


If your children aren’t yet proficient swimmers, it doesn’t mean they can’t go Snorkeling with you. Instead, you may just assist them with buoyancy.

You should always keep a close check on your children while they are in the water with you, but using a life vest, snorkel vest, or even a pool noodle may make Snorkeling more safer, easier, and more fun for children.

Although they may be rather competent swimmers, it’s still a good idea to provide your kids with some kind of float whenever they are in the water because circumstances can occasionally change without warning.

The Best Snorkel Life Vest for Kids

A life vest makes it really easy for your child to keep afloat while snorkeling

The most flotation assistance will be found in a full-fledged life vest, such as the Stearns Child Classic Series Life Vest (Amazon) for younger children (30-50 pounds or 13-22 kg) or the Stearns Youth Life Vest (Amazon) for larger children (50-90 pounds or 22-40 kg).

The US Coast Guard has given these life jackets for children the go-ahead, so they should be able to bob around in the water effortlessly.

The Best Snorkel Vest for Kids

Next, if your child is already a good swimmer but needs a little more assistance, a snorkel vest can be a good option. Snorkel vests are similar to lighter-duty life vests in that they provide some extra buoyancy but do not necessarily do everything for your youngster. Because they are lightweight, they allow more flexibility and mobility in the water, and they frequently deflate, making them easy to pack in a suitcase.

The Scuba Choice Kid’s Snorkel Vest (Amazon) and the Scuba Choice Youth Snorkel Vest (Amazon) receive the most positive reviews from parents. It swiftly inflates and deflates for convenient travel, and it has waist and leg straps to suit almost any size child (officially, 5- to 14-year-olds).

The Best Snorkel Noodles for Kids

Finally, if your youngster requires practically no assistance swimming in the ocean but you still want them to have something, a good old-fashioned pool noodle can do the work. Just have them slip a few under their armpits and across their front while swimming for a little added ease in staying upright and floating. The Fix Find Pool Noodles (Amazon) are cheap and do exactly what they should.

The best sun protection for kids


Sun protection for children is something that many parents are concerned about, but may not understand how it changes for Snorkeling. To keep your child’s skin safe when Snorkeling, I believe two essential products to have on hand are a rashguard and reef-friendly sunscreen.

The Best Snorkeling Rashguards for Kids

Rashguards go a long way toward good sun protection for your kids, and Kanu Surf’s Platinum rashguard for boys (Amazon) or Keri version for girls (Amazon) definitely fit the bill.

First, while we must have the proper Snorkeling sunscreen on available (which we will discuss later), I believe it is critical to cover as much of our children’s skin as possible before applying sunscreen. Their skin is extremely susceptible to UV radiation, and they don’t often notice when they’ve spent too much time in the sun, let alone in the water.

That’s why I love Snorkeling rashguards for kids. Rashguards are a type of water-resistant clothing that your children may wear in the water (or anywhere on the beach, really).

Because we spend so much time Snorkeling with our necks, shoulders, and backs pointing directly up toward the sun, they go a big way toward shielding our skin from UV radiation.

Long-sleeved rashguards are particularly popular since they give additional sun protection as well as a bit more insulation for youngsters if the water is a little chilly. I also appreciate Kanu Surf’s long-sleeved rashguards for youngsters.

They come in a variety of colours and sizes, are simple to clean (simply toss it in the wash), and have a 50+ SPF rating. They make a significant difference for youngsters, and you can find the fantastic Kanu Surf Boys’ Platinum Rashguard can be found on Amazon here, or the equally good Girls’ Keri version is here.

The Best Snorkeling Sunscreen for Kids

Finding the best Snorkeling sunscreen for kids might be difficult. Many traditional sunscreen ingredients are harmful to coral reefs and marine life and should be avoided anywhere near the water, thus we only want to use reef-safe and biodegradable sunscreens. (Among other areas, Hawaii has explicitly prohibited conventional sunscreens.)

Furthermore, many children are not yet mature enough to use spray sunscreens (that is, to close their lips and eyes and hold their breathe for many seconds), and it can be difficult to locate rub-on biodegradable and reef-safe sunscreens for children.

I like Alba Botannica’s Sensitive SPF50 (Amazon) for older kids who can use spray sunscreen, or Goddess Garden’s Mineral Sunscreen (Amazon) if a rub-on sunscreen is needed for younger kids, or is just preferred.

The Sensitive SPF50 sunscreen by Alba Botanica (available on Amazon) is the finest spray Snorkeling sunscreen I’ve discovered if your child is a bit older and can maintain stillness while keeping their mouth, eyes, and breathing closed.

It’s water-resistant for 60 minutes, has an SPF 50 rating (which works well with the rashguards mentioned above), employs considerably cleaner ingredients than standard sunscreens, is reef-safe and biodegradable, and it’s incredibly reef-safe and biodegradable.

Furthermore, it is much easier to apply and does not leave your hands (or child) goopy. If you require a rub-on sunscreen for younger children, or just prefer it, I recommend Goddess Garden’s Kids SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen (on Amazon).

It is really water resistant for an additional 80 minutes than the spray sunscreen, has the same SPF 50 rating, employs cleaner components appropriate for sensitive skin along the essential oil/shea butter/coconut oil lines, and is reef friendly.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Snorkeling Sets For Kids

Our children have gone Snorkeling several times in various holiday locations. After trying and testing several children’s snorkel sets, here are some crucial factors to consider while making your purchase.


What Is Your Budget?

Fortunately, some of the greatest Snorkeling equipment for kids is fairly reasonable. This makes it a sensible investment even if only for a single family vacation. It also means they can experience our Snorkeling without you needing to spend too much money. Even though some sets are adjustable, children grow rapidly.

However, if they have a younger sibling, the children’s snorkel may always be repurposed for them. If this is the case for you, it may be worthwhile to pay a bit extra.

Is The Snorkel Set Easy To Use?

Quality kid’s snorkels and masks should be simple to use and allow them to function as independently as possible. Is it easy to put on and take off the things, and will they be convenient to wear? Is the mask flexible to ensure a secure fit, and will it keep water out?

 Is It Strong And Durable?

Having said that you shouldn’t have to pay too much for a good snorkel set, durability is essential. Given how kids will be splashing around in the water, as well as the possibility of some wave action, the set should be able to withstand a few impacts. We’ve only included goods with positive feedback, so you can be certain that each set has previously been tested by other busy families.

What Is A Dry Snorkel?

A dry snorkel is intended to prevent water from entering the mask. This is accomplished by the use of a specific valve, resulting in a safer and more pleasant swim.

What Extras Are Included?

All sets will come with a mask and snorkel, which may be all you require. Some kits, however, contain fins or a carry bag, which might be beneficial.

I laughed when I saw this pic – one of the kids had taken pictures with GoPro 9 Black of their fins!


PSome Snorkeling kits for kids include a pair of fins. This is another another valuable addition to the collection. A pair of diving socks can also come in handy, especially if the fins have some room to develop. A pair of neoprene socks will also reduce the likelihood of unpleasant blisters.

Carry Bags

Some of our top-rated kids’ Snorkeling kits include a storage and carry bag. This protects the kit while also making it easy to carry while travelling.

The Pros And Cons Of A Full Face Snorkel Mask For Kids

Should you get your kids a full-face snorkel mask? The judgement is still out on whether a full-face snorkel for children is a good idea. So, which is better for kids: a full-face snorkel or separate pieces?

While it’s obvious that a full-face kids’ snorkel should make breathing easier and vision better, there have been some safety concerns. As a result, one Snorkeling operator in Maui, Hawaii, has prohibited its usage on its trips. This was in response to a number of deaths. The operator said that using a full-face snorkel mask for adults or children might cause headaches, dizziness, and even coma. This is supposed to be caused to CO2 buildup within the mask. They’re also thought to be more difficult to get rid of.

There are further reasons why we want to be cautious and advise against purchasing full-face snorkels for children. It’s tough to find one that fits precisely, and if it doesn’t fit tightly, water may get in. When this occurs and the mask becomes flooded, it may be quite terrifying for tiny children, since they will be unable to breathe or see anything.  A mask might potentially leak water if it is bumped.

For these reasons, we recommend that children use a standard Snorkeling equipment. When used separately, the mask covers your nose while the snorkel allows you to breathe through your mouth through a separate channel. Because each component may be changed individually, the user can attain a better fit.

FAQs About kids Snorkeling gears

As previously said, children must be able to swim before they may snorkel. They must also be comfortable in the water and with the Snorkeling equipment. Other variables contribute to safety, and having the correct snorkel set for kids is a wonderful place to start. Other goods, such as those specified in this guide, may also be required. These may include a life jacket and, in colder weather, a wetsuit. Adult supervision is also required!

There is no specific age for a child to begin Snorkeling, however you may begin experimenting with Snorkeling equipment as early as three years old to make them familiar with the gear. I suggest three years old since they don’t have any Snorkeling equipment until that age.

We began when our kid was four years old, with him putting it on, testing it on, and then taking it off. Other children may react differently and be more at ease. They might enjoy it. There’s really no way to know until you try it. In general, older children (6 and up) will take to it more quickly.

While Snorkeling is not a difficult pastime, calm breathing, avoiding gnawing on the snorkel, and cleaning out the mask may be too much for small children.

If your children enjoy paddling about on or near the surface, then you should! Snorkeling is made more enjoyable and memorable by the revolutionary design of full face masks. These masks are both comfortable and simple to use.

No, flippers are not required for Snorkeling, although they help you to swim further without overexertion. The surface area of the fin generates thrust, allowing you to have more power and speed.

They also provide greater buoyancy, which might be beneficial for young swimmers. They’re also a lot of fun! It is not required to include fins if you are travelling and want to minimise your packing, but you should be aware of their tiredness levels in the water.

To minimize scratches, wash your children’s Snorkeling equipment as soon as you get out of the water, let it dry in the shade, and then keep it in a carry bag.


Sharing wonderful experiences with your children is one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood. And, as great as Snorkeling is to me every time I get in the water, experiencing the wonder of fantastic coral, colourful fish, and interested sea turtles through the eyes of a youngster is just incredible.

However, when it comes to Snorkeling equipment, children have unique requirements. For one thing, they’re lot smaller, but simply being smaller does not make snorkel gear the best snorkel gear for kids. We want snorkel gear that has been specifically created for children to ensure that they have the greatest experience out on the water with us.

The best snorkel gear for kids must also be comfortable and safe for our children, as well as reasonably priced for parents. This article should help you pick the best Snorkeling equipment for your kids and experience the underwater world with them. I hope you have a wonderful time together!

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