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At, our goal is to give people the knowledge they need to get into the water quickly and enjoy their favourite leisurely water activities, whether snorkelling, SCUBA diving, freediving, sailing, or kitesurfing.

Get Started with Water Sports

Most of our planet is covered in water, and thankfully we’ve figured out how to make the best of it for our benefit and enjoyment. Nowadays, people ride the waves and swim with sharks, and you can do it too!

Some water sports require extensive knowledge to do correctly and safely and knowing what equipment you need is essential. If you are snorkelling, you need a mask, snorkel, and fins (read our article on how snorkelling work to learn more). Scuba divers need more, such as a properly-fitted wet suit, oxygen tank, and dive knife.

Without any help, finding the gear you need and learning how to use them can get overwhelming fast. We have compiled a list of our latest articles on these topics to help beginners get started. Even if you’re a veteran, we’ve got some useful or interesting articles for you to peruse.


Our mission is to help beginner, and professional snorkelers have the best moments under the water.

We focus on snorkelling;

  • How-to guide and instructions
  • Safety guidelines
  • Equipment and accessory reviews (Masks, Snorkels, Fins etc.)
  • Best sites/destinations in different countries and cities
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Adventure in Blue was launched in 2020 to serve amateur snorkelers and divers worldwide. Our objective is to produce the highest-quality content about water activities that you can find online.

We put a lot of effort into everything we publish to ensure that what we share with you is accurate, credible, relevant, and helpful. Unlike many online publications in this industry, we’re independently owned and operated—not beholden to any brands.

Where are we Located?

Adventure in Blue is a global platform; we have just established various small offices (virtual) in three places around the world. One is in Hawaii, another in Mexico (Cozumel) and another in Kisite Mpunguni Marine Park (Mombasa -Kenya). We hope to expand our locations and have many more contributors as time passes.

Our Team

Generally, our team has a passion for aquatic adventures. We are composed of experienced snorkelers, deep divers, travellers, web engineers and digital marketers.


Emma Perkins, the founder of this company, has had a stable relationship with water for as long as he can remember. His love for water sports sparked the idea of starting a community focused on snorkelling. Emma is in charge of almost everything that happens at Adventure in Blue.


Our authors are experienced snorkelers and divers who have a mission to take an evidence-based approach to research thoroughly, experiment, and finally present information simply and helpfully. We make every effort to remain objective as we give you as much knowledge as possible about the art of snorkeling.

Sarah Lauren

A professional copywriter & content repurposing strategist specializing in SEO writing. I help online educators, podcasts, & business owners grow their audience through content (re)creation that ranks.


Daniel J. Smith

Senior SEO strategist and team lead with 5 years of agency experience focused on content marketing, leading inbound strategy and execution on creative, data-driven content.



Our technical team ensures our online presence is never down. We have web and graphic designers and digital marketers.

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