Coral reefs and tropical forests are two of Earth’s most diverse and productive ecosystems. A quarter of all marine fish species call these regions home. As a result, coral reefs are among the most stunning landscapes you will ever see, providing an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Check out our 12 best coral reefs for Snorkeling!

Each scuba diver has a secret longing for tropical dive spots with vibrant coral reefs. Watching schools of thousands of tropical fish swimming together is one of life’s most energizing sights. Even the most seasoned divers can be surprised by the sights they see on coral reefs; the reefs are peaceful and beautiful, and you never know what might be hiding behind the next towering brain coral or gently swaying sea fan.

A Little Bit About Coral Reefs

Where are the best coral reefs on the earth? This post shows the 10 best coral reefs for snorkeling around the world, let's discover them!

So, what exactly is a coral reef? Millions upon millions of individual coral polyps work together to construct a reef. Every coral reef is composed of polyps that are duplicates of each other. Like the wide variety of marine life, the coral comes in many different species. Although most coral species rely on photosynthesis for sustenance, several species have tentacles that can reach out and snag fish.

There are coral species that can only be found in certain oceanic regions. Snowy white Lophelia corals with fluted branches are one such species that can only be found in bottomless, cold water. However, many coral species are only found in warm, shallow waters. In addition, corals, such as brain coral, can be found in many locations.

Coral turns bluish-white when it’s deceased from pollution, rising ocean temperatures, or boat collisions. Seeing a lot of dead, sun-bleached corals is a solid sign of a sick reef. But when a reef is healthy, it shines with a vibrant coloration that surpasses your wildest imagination. The individual polyps can be made clear if one looks closely enough.

Divers in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, take note: The kind of “coral” known as “fire coral” is widespread and may pose severe risks to divers. Fire coral is not a type of coral, but its distinctive yellow tentacles make it impossible to miss. Like a jellyfish, fire coral may cause a terrible burn if touched. In addition, the fire coral’s tiny tentacles shoot out when brushed against. So even “coral” has a defense mechanism.

Our top 12 best coral reefs for Snorkeling

Let’s dive deeply into 12 of the world’s most breathtaking best coral reefs for snorkeling that scuba divers won’t want to miss.


Where are the best coral reefs on the earth? This post shows the 10 best coral reefs for snorkeling around the world, let's discover them together!

The reefs in West Bay, Roatán, are often ranked among the best in the Caribbean. Contrasting with the azure ocean, the colourful corals and sea fans create a surreal scene.


Siladen Island is included in Indonesia’s Bunaken National Marine Park, one of the country’s first marine reserves. Stunning coral drop-offs, home to soft corals, sea anemones, and sponges, surround this little island.


The house reef at Wakatobi Resort is an excellent place to go Snorkeling because of its seagrass-covered reef flat and its breathtaking reef drop-off teeming with coral. Angelfish, green sea turtles, Maori wrasse, anemonefish, sea snakes, and over 150 kinds of colourful reef fish may all be easily spotted by snorkelers in this area of Wakatobi National Park.


Where are the best coral reefs on the earth? This post shows the 10 best coral reefs for snorkeling around the world, let's discover them together!
Cairns, Australia – Norman Reef | Great barrier reef, Australia, Square kilometer

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is an experience no ocean lover should pass up if they find themselves in Australia. A popular destination for visitors, Norman Reef, is located on the outer reef, an area of the reef system known for its rich ecosystems and diverse wildlife. Snorkelers may enjoy swimming among hundreds of different types of colourful fish along a drop-off.


Gordon Reef features deep underwater cliffs in addition to a small reef flat. Clownfish, angelfish, butterflyfish of various varieties, and schools of sea goldie all call this spectacular coral wall home.


Where are the best coral reefs on the earth? This post shows the 10 best coral reefs for snorkeling around the world, let's discover them together!
Dive sites for the best snorkeling in Bonaire are easy to find; look for the yellow rocks.

Even though storms and bleaching events have damaged the reefs along Bonaire’s coast in recent decades, the reef is still one of the Caribbean’s healthiest and most beautiful.

Located on the island’s western shore, 1000 Steps is known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, including a wide variety of corals, sponges, and reef fish.

You may see some of the most stunning examples of staghorn coral in the Caribbean.


Coral reefs in Hawaii are new and mostly unremarkable. If you want to snorkel over one of the most stunning coral reefs in the archipelago, however, you should visit Big Island and proceed to the location of the Captain Cook Monument.


Marine Park-protected and running along the coast for kilometers, Puerto Morelos’ reef is among the Mayan Riviera’s most stunning and pristine. Hundreds of fish, rays, turtles, and barracuda can be seen in the reef and seagrass beds.


Coral formations at the most pristine parts of Okinawa’s Aharen Beach create beautifully sculpted brightly coloured gardens. The brightest and most colourful coral is the fluorescent kind, a sight for sore snorkeling eyes and a photographer’s dream subject.


Where are the best coral reefs on the earth? This post shows the 10 best coral reefs for snorkeling around the world, let's discover them together!
Elkhorn coral near the water surface at Hol Chan Cut.

Fans of Snorkeling in Belize should not miss a trip to Hol Chan Cut, a protected area for over 20 years. It has some of the most stunning and well-preserved elkhorn coral reefs in the Caribbean.


Where are the best coral reefs on the earth? This post shows the 10 best coral reefs for snorkeling around the world, let's discover them together!
Photo by Storm Crypt

The Apo Reef off the coast of the Philippines is the world’s second-largest reef at an unbelievable 67,877 acres in size (271,139 square meters). The reef is accessible from Mindoro Island; many reefs are located inside Apo Reef Natural Park.

The reef is a hidden paradise protected by mangroves. No fishing is allowed on the reef; thus, marine life flourishes there. Shark Ridge and Hunter’s Rock are popular places to go scuba diving. When you need your shark fix, head to Shark Ridge, where there are plenty of resident reef sharks to satisfy your craving. They tend to be most active in the wee hours of the morning and the evening.

Amazingly, Hunter’s Rock rises almost directly out of the sea and forms a rocky peak. The strong currents here might be dangerous for untrained divers, but the rewards are great.


The Mesoamerican Reef is an impressive natural phenomenon stretching along Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras coasts for more than 1,100 kilometers (700 miles). A veritable pantheon of fish and coral species populate this massive reef system.

Roatan, located off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean, is home to some of the world’s best diving. Mary’s Place and the Odyssey Wreck are excellent locations for scuba divers. Mary’s Place, a massive chasm produced by ancient volcanic activity, is the island of Roatan’s most well-known dive spot. Black corals are uncommon and can be found clinging to the walls.

However, if you want to acquire your wreck diving certification, the Odyssey is the best wreck in the vicinity to do so. Large staghorn coral formations can be seen just off the coast of Mexico, providing fish with a beautiful spot to relax. One of the world most important (and threatened) coral reefs is home to these fantastic formations. Further out, you can observe whales and whale sharks as they migrate.

Which will you visit first?

Coral reefs are great environments that are home to various animals. Scuba diving on these massive coral reefs will wow you with the incredible variety of marine life you’ll see and the stunning geological formations you’ll pass. Although the specific fauna varies from place to place, the prospect of encountering a unique and exciting creature is always present.

Sites from the +380 already on our map were used to pick the top 10 best coral reefs for Snorkeling. Send us a report on a snorkeling area that isn’t included here, and it might be added to the map!

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